Astoria-Pacific, Inc.

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Astoria-Pacific, Inc.
Astoria-Pacific manufactures automated wet chemistry analyzers for city, county, and federal laboratories monitoring inorganic chemistries in water, wastewater, and/or seawater samples. The company provides state-of-the art companion software (compatible with LIMS systems); service/training for new and old analyzers; and the best customer service in the industry. Other areas of interest include the following: tobacco analysis, soil testing for agricultural purposes, food/beverage labeling and QC, fermentation, atmospheric monitoring of captured air samples via saline solution, and neonatal/clinical applications
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  1. Astoria and Astoria2 Analyzer
    Configured as two (2) or up to six (6) channel systems, the Astoria and Astoria2 Analyzers provide the diversity many laboratories need. These are automated continuous flow wet chemistry analyzers that can be adapted for various industries--i.e. Environmental, Wine, Beer, and other analysis.
    Astoria and Astoria2 Analyzer
  2. Astoria Discrete
    The new Astoria Discrete has been developed for fast analysis rates, very low-reagent consumption and true walk-away operation. Ultimately, the Astoria Discrete, with its rAPID software, will set the bar on how easy laboratory automation should be for automated wet chemistry analysis.
    Astoria Discrete
  3. Parts and Consumables
    Astoria Pacific offers parts and consumables for a variety of automated (SFA and FIA) analyzers.
    Parts and Consumables
  4. Service/Training
    Service and/or Training on existing or recently purchased analyzers are available. The model of analyzer is important--we only service analyzers associated with our company. Please call to verify if we are capable of such a service for your analyzer.